There are many advantage for water jet cutting because of its versatility, and one of the most important advantage is no heat generated, and no heat affected zone on the material. It is widely used in both non-metallic and metal processing. However, there are kinds of aspects we can’t ignore. Now Aroma Machinery Limited list out 11 concerns that we should know about water jet cutting process.


1. When operating the water jet cutting machine, different material choose different pressure.

2. When cutting some small, light parts, fix it in case of moving in the procedure.

3. Make sure the cutting object lay tight on the waterjet table to avoid to damage the waterjet nozzle resulting a safety accident

4.Operator and unrelated personnel keep distance with the waterjet cutting machine when processing

5. In the course of processing, if the workpiece is found impropriate by the impact, prohibited to correct it by other objects.

6.Keep an eye on the supercharger and the seal of high pressure water pipe when waterjet cutting machine working.

7. In an emergency power outage, the high pressure water will remain in the high-pressure system. once the electricity          restore, the residual water will be ejected. So don’t be close to the waterjet cutting head, reconnect the power, clean the residual high pressure water.

8. Operators should always observe the equipment status indicator.

9. The edge of workpiece is very sharp after waterjet cutting, be highly aware of being scratched and cut.

10. Avoid the collision to waterjet cutting equipment when use the crane lift the heavy workpiece.

11. Switch off the high pressure, clean the remain high pressure water when taking the material on waterjet table or changing abrasive water jet nozzle.