As we know the water jet cutting machine is widely used due to its high precision and less pollution. During cutting processing, some operators find out that there are a little bit differences in precision. Generally we can conclude 4 factors of it.

  1. The pressure of the water jet machine

We know the working principle of the water jet, using the high-speed fluid of the water and abrasive garnet and cutting force on the workpiece processing. The greater the water velocity the stronger cutting force. The speed of fluid mainly comes from the high press pump to accelerate the water flow. Therefore, the pressure is one of the most important factors affecting the speed. And through experiment that the higher pressure significantly improve the quality of the kerf section.

  1. The head part of the water jet

(1)A long enough water jet abrasive nozzle ensures a good mixture of the abrasive garnet with the compressed air can result in a more orderly cutting flow. Experience concluded the best water jet abrasive nozzle length is 3-4 inches (76.2-101.6mm) .

(2)The concentricity of the abrasive nozzle, garnet valve and the orifice.

Make sure the connection of water jet abrasive nozzle, garnet valve and orifice is perfectly matched so as to minimize the damage to those consumable parts caused by high pressure water jet.

  1. The granularity and purity of garnet

Too coarse and impurity of garnet can accelerate the water jet abrasive nozzle wear, so a suitable mesh of garnet is important to be chosen.

  1. Quality of water

The dirty, hard, not fully filtered water, can destroy the ruby orifice easily and the scattering of water and abrasive soon damage the water jet nozzle wall.