US dollar

A waterjet cutting machine of a max. pressure of 415MPA with a 1.5mX2.0m waterjet cutting table price average USD35,000.00. 

The regular lifetime of a machine is about 6 years. 

The actual working days per year is 300 days, the average daily usage time is 7 hours, and the cumulative working time in 6 years is 12600 hours. 

The average replacement period for important components is 1000 hours and the cost is about USD 1,300.00.

 waterjet cutting machine cost and replacement cost are (35,000.00+1,300.00×12600/1000=) USD 51,380.00.

Totally equipment depreciation is about USD 4 per hour.

2. Water cutting machine consumables:

A. wearing parts

 NameLifetimeUnit price(USD)Cost per hour(USD)
waterjet nozzles3001500.5
HP seal100120.12
Check valve 100250.25
on/off valve repair kit200150.075
cutting head20005000.25

B. Material, Water, Electricity

NameQuantityUnit price(USD)Cost per hour

3. Labor cost for water cutting machine One waterjet cutting machine equipped with 2 operators. The monthly salary is 4000 yuan,2person, 12 months in one year and USD 14,117.00in 6 years. The labor cost per machine is USD 84,702.00Average a machine each person each hour cost USD6.72

4. Comprehensive cost: 4+1.345+8.21+6.72=USD20.275/hour
Different country different place may have different figures, this information is just for your reference.

So what is the cutting cost of one machine per hour in your area?Would you like to share us the numbers?