Waterjet nozzle is refer to mixing tube and focusing tube,abrasive nozzle

As we all knows, the misalignment of the orifice and waterjet nozzles(mixing tube, focusing tube) is the most impact of lifetime. If the stream hit the tube wall, the cutting quality can be diminish and the tube life will shorten dramatically.Let’s find out below 4 kinds of working status.


For this A type, we can see the orifice and waterjet nozzle is well concentric, the stream consistently flow from the entry to the exit, this makes the waterjet nozzles remain a long lifetime.


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B type, as pictur show, slightly disalignment of orifice and waterjet nozzles, though the stream can run through the tube,but the stream hit the exit of the tube, shorten the lifetime of waterjet nozzles, and lower the cutting efficiency.


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C type Moderate disalignment of orifice and waterjet nozzles, the stream of waterjet and garnet abrasive can’t run through the tube smoothly, and hit the exit hole extraordinarily,damaging the waterjet nozzles and cutting effect badly.


disalignment of orifice and waterjet nozzles, mixing tube, focusing tube

D type seriously disalignment, the stream hit the tube wall from the entry of the nozzle, caused a mirror reflection damage, the whole wall is bumpy, even though the exit hole is normal, this waterjet nozzle is totally wornout.


Check what kind happened to you by accident, and let’s find out some solution for your waterjet cutting process.