waterjet cutting machine

Since been in waterjet cutting industry, encountered some people to ask about : how to buy a right waterjet cutting machine? how to pay less money and get a cost effective machine?
After communicating with some users, there maybe some clues for us.

A. what is your budget

Enough budget then buy the brand one, because  brand means top quality, best service, fast efficiency etc.  
But not everybody can afford a brand one, then an economical and practical one will be a better choice.
People who purchase waterjet cutting machine are going to help themselves “print money”, it is very important to purchase a stable, energy-saving, easy-to-maintain, cost-effective equipment.


B. consider what material you will mostly cut

To cut tougher materials such as metal, mild steel, aluminum,alloy, ceramic,glass, stone, marble,composite, you will need a waterjet cutting machines that use garnet abrasive to add into water stream. you have to choose 
a wterjet cutter with ample grit tank that is easy to load, unload and maintain.
If you primarily cut softer materials such as wood, foam, gasket, plastic, food, then you will likely need a pure waterjet cutting machine. In this case, the capacity and efficiency of the grit tank are not as important. 
The size and thickness of your materials will also determine the size and strength of the cutting tank, and influence the number of cutting heads and the pump you will need.

C. how complex a cut you need to make?

If your job shop specialized in highly complicated cutting jobs for custom parts, you will probably need a waterjet cutting machine with a 5 axis.
The extra axis of control will make more intricate cuts at specific angles when you need to. 
5 axis machines also excel at weld preparation work and taper compensation.
If such complicated cut are not typical for your machine shop, then it would be better to buy a waterjet machine that just do basic cut and complicated cutting jobs shop out to a specialist.
Otherwise you could end up spending plenty of extra money on a waterjet cutting machine that will only do a little bit of extra work every once in a while.

D. tolerances requirements

Waterjet cutting machines are equipped with various levels of capability of precision. If you need less than 0.005”(0.1mm) accuracy, a conventional waterjet cutting head can yield favourable result, but to achieve precise tolerance, we need to adjust the cutting speed, pressure, garnet etc.

E. employee training

Employees should be a key consideration, are they trained for programming?
 If your team has no previous experience with these equipment, securing product training from the manufacturer is a must.
Or no skilled operator, investing a smart system that automates operations is best.
It is always helpful to read up as much as you can about the product you want to buy before actual purchase.
and hope this article will make you easy determination.