The tin ball laser soldering jetting machine is currently widely used in the electronics industry, where the laser soldering ball nozzle is required to be high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant.

The popular sizes of tungsten carbide tin ball nozzles are 200um, 250um, 300um,350um,400um,450um,500um,550um,600um and 750um. The nozzle is required to be perfectly finished and smooth in the inner hole in order to avoid tin sticking and blocking at the hole opening.

Aroma is able to provide customized nozzles with inner hole finish Ra0.2, Ra0.4, Ra0.8, Ra1.6, etc., suitable for tin ball-based laser jet soldering, hot and cold powder spraying, sandblasting spray, fluid liquid spraying and so on., with hole tolerance ±0.002mm.

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