When cutting glass products with waterjet cutting machine, some equipment will have the problem of broken and uneven glass edges after cutting.  If there is a problem like this, the following aspects of the water jet should be checked as soon as possible.


1. The water jet pressure is too high

The higher the waterjet cutting pressure, the higher the cutting efficiency, but the stronger the impact will be. Especially for glass cutting, the backflow impact of water will vibrate the glass and easily cause uneven edges. Properly adjust the pressure of the water jet, so that the water jet can just cut the glass, and try to fix the glass from shock and vibration.

Glass cutting pressure is normally 250-280 Mpa is enough.

2. The diameter of focusing tube inner diameter too large

Waterjet nozzle and orifice should be replaced in time after wear and tear, because sand focusing tubes and orifice are vulnerable parts, and they cannot be concentrated after a certain amount of water column is consumed, which will impact the vicinity of the glass and eventually cause the edge of the glass to break.

3. Choose good quality garnet

In water cutting, the quality of waterjet garnet is directly proportional to the cutting effect. High-quality waterjet garnet is relatively high in quality, average in size and relatively small, while inferior garnet is often mixed with sand particles of different sizes and low quality. , once used, the cutting force of the water jet will no longer be even, and the cutting edge will no longer be smooth.

4. Cutting height problem

Water cutting uses water pressure. The pressure at the cutting outlet is the highest and then decreases sharply. Glass often has a certain thickness. If there is a certain distance between the glass and the cutter head, it will affect the cutting effect of the water jet. Waterjet cutting glass should control the distance between the sand tube and the glass. Generally, the anti-collision will set the distance to 2CM.


In addition to the above aspects, we also need to check whether the pressure of the water jet is too low, whether the garnet supply system is normally supplied, whether the inside of the mixing tube(waterjet nozzle) is intact, etc., check more settings, adjust and record the optimal value to be better Avoid the problem of edge chipping during glass cutting.